Folk Religion in Taiwan

The folk religion in Taiwan has close relationship with custom and daily life. Not like other religions having doctrine to be followed, Taiwanese folklore religion is based on its utility. 

Like people ask someone to do something for them, the followers pray their deities for specific needs or purposes. For example, Students who want to enter ideal university ask for passing the exam and the interview, or workers who hope to become successful in their jobs ask for getting the promotion and salary increase.

Here are some common deities in Taiwanese folk religion:

Mazu:A tutelary deity of seafarers protecting sailors, fishermen and travellers from drowning in the sea. Now, people usually worship for their lives in peace.

Tudigong: The spiritual gods in charge of protecting specific land. It is usually the local gods of individual villages.

Wenchang Dijun: Known as the God of Culture and Literature.It is often worshiped by students for academic help.

Yue Lao: The matchmaker who pairs lovers together and unites them in marriage.

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