“Everything Big Starts with Something Little” - The Origin of HalfLight

'When the bizarre light in red and blue covers the world,  
The imagined creatures in the dream, 
Transform themselves and become tangible.'

'With your steps in hesitation, 
Could you leave your fear behind, 
And move forward to protecting what your believe?'

There is always a situation that is hard to be solved. Instead of facing it, we usually choose to run away from it and pretend to imagine it doesn’t happen. The situation could be bullying by classmates, the generation gap between family members and conflicts between colleagues etc. Then, there are a few questions coming out – 

'Is it the best way to deal with the situation?'

'Do I really solve the problem?'

'Is it just self-comforting?'

In order to find the best way to answer these questions, a variety of characters is designed to interact in different situations. In the end, a series of chemical reaction are happened. That is the origin of HalfLight. 

We are going to release the full version of HalfLight in early 2019. Welcome to keep following us for further information.

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