Settings of HalfLight in the Beginning

The setting of HalfLight is based on 1940s Taiwan in whenthe period that Taiwan is occupied by Japan. There are so many uncovered stories happened in this period.

The initial idea was inspired by one of our courses talking about the history of Taiwan. With full of curiosity, we started to do further research on it, like borrowing books from library and search on the Internet.

However, there is only little data with objective views. Thus, based on the city we live, we started doing field research and observation to gather further information e.g. architectures and interviews with locals. Even though the process is really though, hopefully, they are useful materials when we developed HalfLight. 

Besides the setting of HalfLight based on the history, lots of folklore elements are applied in HalfLight. As a mystery adventure game, we hope everyone could have special experience about Taiwanese culture and enjoy it.

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