Comic Style Cutscene

In one of the sunset time, Xi-Sheng and his little brother Mu-Sheng play together in their secret base as usual. When Mu-Sheng throws his toy plane toward to Xi-Sheng, Xi-Sheng doesn’t catch the plane and stands there in silence. 

Before the plane falls on the ground, Xi-Sheng ask Mu-Sheng: 
“Hey! Mu-Sheng, how about I take you to a place 
which is more playful than here?”

With a little confusion for just a second, 
Mu-Sheng replies with his big smile:
“Hmm…? Why not!”


As the screenshot showed above, after specific puzzles are solved or challenges are overcome in HalfLight, the comic style cutscenes would be delivered to develop the story. You could figure out the interactions and the mood between characters and how the plot will go with your action in a way of nostalgia. 

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