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Brotherhood Between Xi-Sheng & Mu-Sheng
The story of HalfLight starts because Xi-Sheng’s little brother - Mu-Sheng is missing. However, in previous devlog, we don’t know about Mu-Sheng in details...
Comic Style Cutscene
In one of the sunset time, Xi-Sheng and his little brother Mu-Sheng play together in their secret base as usual. When Mu-Sheng throws his toy plane toward to Xi...
My Little Log
In the middle of the day, Xi-Sheng and his mom are preparing the lunch for all family members. Xi-Sheng’s mom just asked Xi-Sheng to prepare the food ingredie...
Before & After - About Our Art Development
As we are keep building new scenes and objects for HalfLight, we also improve the old scenes we established in early development. We spend much time on presenti...
In the world of HalfLight, you could not only meet Taiwanese traditional architectures and scenes but also experience unique activities and items representing T...
Settings of HalfLight in the Beginning
The setting of HalfLight is based on 1940s Taiwan in whenthe period that Taiwan is occupied by Japan. There are so many uncovered stories happened in this perio...
“Everything Big Starts with Something Little” - The Origin of HalfLight
'When the bizarre light in red and blue covers the world, The imagined creatures in the dream, Transform themselves and become tangible.' 'With your steps in...
Folk Religion in Taiwan
The folk religion in Taiwan has close relationship with custom and daily life. Not like other religions having doctrine to be followed, Taiwanese folklore relig...